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Earlier today, fintech startup PearlPay formally entered a strategic partnership with the Association of Pangasinan Rural Banks (APRUB) to help facilitate the digital transformation of rural banks in the province.

Signed during the 62nd Charter Anniversary Symposium of the Rural Bank Association of the Philippines, the agreement will give APRUB’s member rural banks access to PearlPay’s end-to-end, cloud-based banking solutions:

  • Core Banking Solutions (CBS)
  • Agent Banking Solutions (ABS)
  • and White-Label E-Wallet Solutions

With these tools, PearlPay enables rural banks to streamline their processes, scale their operations, and reach more customers affordably and conveniently.

“PearlPay’s mission is to make financial services universally accessible which includes empowering and enabling financial institutions like rural banks,” PearlPay CEO Sparky Perreras said. “We believe that all Filipinos should have access to world-class and up-to-date technological solutions that will help them save time and money, and connect better with their loved ones.”

Rural banks play a key role in the overall development of the Philippine economy, catering to the financing needs of farmers, fisherfolk, and primarily rural communities for financial inclusion.

However, they still lag behind in terms of digital transformation and access to technology. As an enterprise partner of Amazon Web Services, PearlPay’s end-to-end solutions will provide APRUB members access to quality and affordable banking solutions, opening up opportunities.

“Our range of products and services are designed to address the very reasons Filipinos remain unbanked or underbanked such as expensive fees, reliance on the internet or latest mobile device and software including lack of providers with solutions specifically tailored to address these problems,” Perreras said.

PearlPay had previously signed a pilot program agreement with BHF Rural Bank, Inc., also a member of APRUB, based in Dagupan City.

Officers and Members

Maria Assumpta Carolina Nava
President, Rural Bank of Itogon

Florentino Felix Cuison Jr
Executive Vice President, BHF Bank

Charmaine Torres-Castro
Secretary, Rural Bank of Central Pangasinan

Juliet Andrada
Treasurer, Rural Bank of Mangaldan

Victoria De Guzman
Auditor, Bangko Pangasinan

Edgar Tacadena
Business Manager, Rural Bank of Balungao

Adoree Almira Jabanes
P.R.O., Rural Bank of Itogon

Josefino Mataban
Director, Rural Bank of Bayambang

Anne De Guzman
Director, Pangasinan Bank

Maria Teresa Caspillan
Director, Asenso Rural Bank of Bautista, Inc.

Benjamin Fernandez
Director, Banco Sual

Ana Marie Bernal
Recording Secretary


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PearlPay is a company that strives to improve financial inclusion in the country. We have the initiative to make financial services universally accessible, creating a network of rural banks connected to major payment networks and remittance centers both inside and outside the country.

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