Because of the current public health crisis, Filipinos, especially those in the vulnerable sectors, need proper medical care to ensure their safety. Developing COVID-19 health benefit packages can help everyone get the necessary treatment without having to worry about the costs.

Under the Universal Health Care Law, which was passed last February 2019, all Filipinos are automatically members of PhilHealth and are immediately eligible to avail of the benefits. “This is part of PhilHealth’s mandate to ensure that all Filipinos have equitable access to quality, affordable and accessible health care services,” said Health OIC-Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire during the Beat COVID-19 Virtual Presser.

So what are the health care packages available for Filipinos during the coronavirus outbreak?

COVID-19 Community Isolation Benefit Package (CCIBP)

One of the COVID-19 health benefit packages is the CCIBP. Under the PhilHealth Board Resolution No. 2516 series of 2020, Filipinos can avail benefit packages for health services, including community-based isolation. It’s a financial assistance for probable and confirmed patients being quarantined and treated at community isolation units (CIUs).

What does it cover?

Ano ang kasama sa CCIBP

What does CCIBP covers?

The medical aid package covers all identified services needed by Filipinos to effectively manage cases needing isolation services based on applicable guidelines adopted by DOH. All treatments and activities done during the patient’s stay in the CIU, such as payment for staff and professional fees, medicine, diagnostics, transport, and other operational costs, are included.

According to the PhilHealth Circular No. 2020-0012, confirmed and probable patients with manageable symptoms and staying at accredited CIUs can get a maximum reimbursement rate of Php 22,449. This will be implemented this coming May 11. However, CIUs that already provided isolation services on February 1 can file a claim as long as they meet the DOH accreditation requirements.

Who can avail CCIBP?

Sino ang pwedeng mag avail nito

Who can avail CCIBP?

All PhilHealth members can avail the health benefits. Members who have missed contributions are still qualified to avail the package. For those who are not yet PhilHealth members, just fill up the PhilHealth Member Registration Form (PMRF) and present 2 valid IDs.

List of Valid IDs

List of Valid IDs

Updated Case Rates

PhilHealth also provided a benefit package for patients with developing symptoms. As of April 15, they have started implementing the new case rates:

Case Rates

PhilHealth Updated Case Rates

Just like the COVID-19 Community Isolation Benefit Package, this will cover all the necessary treatments for the patients.

How to Claim the COVID-19 Health Benefit Packages

Sino ang mag-aayos ng claim

How to Claim the COVID-19 Health Benefit Packages

PhilHealth has made the process easier for its members. CIUs and hospitals will be the ones to file and submit the claim within 120 days on the date of the patient’s release.

With the growing number of cases in the country, don’t hesitate to seek the proper medical aid that you need. These health care services can help fight against COVID-19 in the Philippines. If you’re feeling any symptoms, head to the nearest CIU or hospital to get yourself checked out.

And if you need financial support, you can learn how to claim government cash aid here.

Let’s stay safe everyone!


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